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Many thanks for inviting me along to your blog. I’ve really enjoyed answering your questions. You’ve really made me put my thinking cap on.


  1. What inspired you to write Resolutions?

Some years ago we were holidaying in Disney World Florida. While we were there we visited the Disney orientated town of Celebration. For those that don’t know it, it’s a master-planned community, a town specifically designed to integrate everything a community would need and developed by the Disney Corporation.

I was fascinated by the idea of the town and the stories that could develop there. It was then my idea of a town called Resolution developed with a plot that centred around New Year. A time, we think of, for making resolutions and maybe resolving past upsets and misunderstandings. Unfortunately I couldn’t have the town named Resolution, as we simply don’t have names like that in Yorkshire! However by adding an ‘s’, Resolutions became the title of the book and the theme of the story.

  1. Did you have any writers block while writing this story.

I don’t think I ever had writers block but there were many times I had a real struggle with the story. I originally wanted to place the story in the United States so that I could name the town, Resolution. That quickly became obvious it wasn’t going to work. I resisted moving the location for some time. However once I did change the location to Yorkshire the story flowed. I struggled with the characters also.  At first my heroine was a bit of a wimp and my ‘baddie’ wasn’t nasty enough.  I was lucky to have lots of advice and a fantastic beta reader and mentor.

  1. Do you have a favourite place to write?

I write mainly on my laptop. My desk is between two windows in the sun lounge, so I’m blessed with a view of fields and a small wood.  However I’ve been known to sit scribbling on a pad or to take the laptop into the kitchen if it suits me. I think rather than a place I have a favourite time, that is when I am alone and the house is quiet. The sun room is really the main thorough fare through the house and can be busy as the family trails in and out.

  1. What do I like to do in my free time?

We live in a small village and I’m often involved with some village events or a village charity. For example I taxi some of our older folk to the lunch club held in the Methodist church hall. I belong to a number of village groups including our book group and the Naturalists, a walking group. Our grandchildren live very close, so weekends are often spent with them.

My two favourite hobbies, when I have time, are reading and walking.

  1. Do you have anything new coming up.

As with most writers I do have a few WIPs I’ve started but they haven’t seen the light of day for some time. At the moment I’ve working on a story that will be set in Yorkshire, but this time in and around the east coast, particularly Scarborough, a place I love. This story will combine a romance and some of my favourite period of history. I can’t tell you which or it would give the plot away! However, this story is also putting up a struggle. I’ve started and discarded it umpteen times over the last few months. But one day I will win and it will be written!



Steve was cool towards her but that was to be expected. More surprising was her lack of feelings for him. It was as if he was little more than an old acquaintance, a school friend or even a brother. If she had ever loved him, the love had vanished. But the minute she thought about Ben, her heart immediately flipped. Was it love or lust? Whichever it was, she wanted to see more of him, much more.

The clink of cups alerted her to the drinks being put down beside her. “Thanks. Mrs. C.”

Maggie settled herself into one of the easy chairs. “How’s Jim?”

“He’s poorly but looked okay. Abi explained that he has to have an angioplasty. Hopefully he’ll have the operation in a couple days, once all the tests are completed”

“I see. By the way don’t you think you should start calling me Maggie like everyone else, if we’re going to be working together for a few days?”

“Yes, you’re right.” Carly hesitated and glanced at Maggie. “What do you think of the town’s new doctor?”

Maggie shrugged. “He’s been here about eight or nine months now and seems to be settling in well, after what must have been a difficult start for him.  Anyone who took over from Dr. Mac would have a hard act to follow. A lot of people really like him and Jim and Abi have a lot of faith in him. Why?” Maggie grinned. “Do I take it you like him?”

Carly hesitated and sipped her tea to give herself a moment before answering. “I hardly know him. I only met him a few hours ago, but I can’t help wondering why a young doctor like him would want to work in a small place like this? I asked him earlier but he didn’t give me an answer.”

Maggie put her cup down. “Well, there is a rumour about him.”

“Oh? Are you going to tell me what it is?”

Maggie hesitated. “The story is that…well, some people say…”


Maggie drew a deep breath.



Carly Mitchell returns to the small town of Yeardon in Yorkshire almost a year after running away on her wedding day. Now she wants to try to make amends with Steve, his family, and the townspeople who had prepared a huge party to celebrate her New Year’s Eve wedding.

She intends to stay only for a few days at the Resolution Hotel, owned by Steve’s parents. However, her plans change when Steve’s father is taken ill, and she feels obliged to step in and help with running the hotel. This also means having to deal with Steve’s antagonism since he has never forgiven her for humiliating him.

A further complication comes in the form of Ben Thornton, the local doctor, to whom Carly feels an immediate attraction. They enjoy getting to know each other and falling in love, until a famous model from Ben’s past arrives in the town, and stays at the hotel.

Steve attempts to get his revenge on Carly by driving a wedge between her and Ben, and by threatening to reveal what he knows about Ben’s troubled past unless Carly leaves town.

The resolution lies in Carly’s hands as she struggles between wanting to flee from the town again and wanting to stay with the man she has grown to love.

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Resolutions is Carol’s debut novel and is set in a location close to where she lives.

Writing has been her love since childhood. She started by making small comics for her dolls, progressed to training as a journalist for a short while. Once the family had grown up Carol settled down to writing and published short stories, poems and holiday articles.

In recent years she has become a judge in the short story section for the HysteriaUK competition and also for the RNA’s romance novel of the year.

Carol lives in Yorkshire, surrounded by some beautiful countryside, which is ideal for her other passion of walking, often with a dog called Sam. This lovely area is the location for her first novel, Resolutions.


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