Why a purring cat is worth its weight in gold…

What helps you to get back on track?

I’m talking about those days when the words won’t come, and then when they do, they’re  mind-numbingly dire.

These are my top five inspirations when brain block lands:

  • A gently purring cat (preferably one that doesn’t suddenly break off to deposit her breakfast by your feet.)


  • A trudge through the woods (preferably muddy)


  • Reading someone else’s masterpiece; maybe someone who writes in a different genre to yours so you don’t start to cry/feel too humble/give up completely.


  • A nap by the fire. With blanket. And possibly cat.



  • Cake. This item could also be substituted for numbers 1-4 if necessary.


So what’s your secret? How do you kick start the writing when your head feels full of soup?