A week today…

Sweet ProposalIn advance of publication day, just a reminder that Sweet Proposal will be published next Thurday by Piatkus Entice. When I started writing Sweet Proposal, its working title was The Chocolate Project and it featured a very hung over and slightly seedy (if very gorgeous) hero and his dream of opening a bookshop where people can completely relax. There will be a wide range of chocolate-based snacks available in the cafe – Leo has a very sweet tooth – and a writing room, a Jacuzzi, a Victorian-themed creche and huge comfy sofas. Gallons of strong black coffee will be on tap for that morning after feeling and Leo (who started life as Laurie) will be around to meet, greet and generally assist.

P.S. Since writing the book, I have gained a beautiful baby cousin, also called Leo. It’s a sign, it’s a sign!

  1. Laura E. James

    Can’t wait to read this, Celia. What would be your ideal treat on the café menu? Laura xx

  2. Vikki

    Congratulations honey! 🙂


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