Time to get cold, and like it.



It’s time to get the boots/wellies out, get waterproofed up, get soaking wet and then come home and steam in front of a roaring fire. And if there’s a pub at the end of the walk and cake and brandy involved back at home, who are we to protest? It’s all about warmth and snuggliness this  week.

What are you doing to get into the chilly weather without getting gloomy?

  1. Sue Fortin

    I enjoy all the seasons equally. Love it when it’s windy and wintery, don’t even mind the rain as long as I have the right clothing on. Had a lovely walk in the woods and rain last weekend, followed up by a hot chocolate.

    • Celia J Anderson

      There is nohing quite like a hot chocolate when you feel as if you really deserve it!

  2. Laura E. James

    Hmmm. I like the warm weather. It doesn’t stop me drinking hot chocolate. 😀 xx

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