That Friday Feeling.



Alcohol with your name already plastered all over it – how cool is that? The photo of the inspiring lager was sent to me by lovely fellow-Romaniac Vanessa Savage who was ACTUALLY DRINKING IT at the time. Sad to be missing the RNA party this year but hope there will be lots of drinking fun (and the eating of strange nibbly things) for the Romaniacs plus all the other RNA guests at the winter bash in London next week.

Anyway, just gearing up for some serious editing, in between school work, visiting poorly friend and aged in-laws and buying much needed food supplies. Before the day gets into gear, here’s some shameless self-promotion of the ones that went before. My new book  (Moondancing) is out on January 12th with Tirgearr, and the cover reveal will be coming soon. It’s the prequel to Little Boxes – What Molly Did First rather than What Katie Did Next. But the one being edited is darker and more devious…

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Little Boxes

Sweet Proposal


So have another  can of Celia on me, as it were. Hic. Happy weekend. xIMG_5396