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Little BoxesHi all,

I’ve been encouraged to try one of these ‘ere newfangled Thunderclap wotsits. It’s really easy for you to help out, and my lovely publicist wrote an explanation of what it’s all about here.

Basically, you fabulous folk donate a Tweet, a Facebook status or a Tumblr post – and providing I get enough supporters (hence my begging 😉 ) , on the day I select (which will be the release day of my book, 4th November) my message will go out to the network/s you’ve selected, along with my buy links. Then, hopefully lots of folk that have seen my message on your pages will go out and buy my book. And voila – one very happy author person!

I promise you it’s really easy. Don’t believe me? Click the link below and sign up 😉

Little Boxes Thunderclap

Many thanks for your support. Am sending virtual cake.

Ce x

  1. Bluestocking Mum

    Cake? How could I not support. All the best my lovely friend. You deserve huge success with Little Boxes xxx

  2. Cheryl Greatorex

    Mystery and romance in one book, with a touch of geography as well. Her’s to a huge success.

  3. Celia J Anderson

    Thanks everyone, very much appreciated! x

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