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A huge thank you to Kate Blackadder for tagging me in the Meeting My Main Character blog hop. You can read about Kate’s  leading lady at


Sweet Proposal


What is the name of my main character? Is she real or fictitious?


She’s called Mab Millington (short for Mabel) and she is fictitious – I think she’s really a grown up version of a very loveable, forthright, good humoured child I taught for a while. Better not mention any names …


When and where is the story set?


The story is contemporary and is set vaguely in the Midlands/Cotswolds, in a fictitious bustling market town called Clayton-on-the-Bream.


What should we know about her?


At the start of the book, Mab has just emerged from a disastrous relationship and is about to make one of the worst decisions of her life. She is impulsive, has a tricky relationship with her mum but a much more stable one with her dad and younger brother Stan. She has given up on meeting the right man for her.


What is the main conflict? What messes up her life?


Mab meets Leo, a charismatic Geordie with big plans to convert some shabby premises he had recently inherited into an amazing bookshop/chocolate cafe complete with Jacuzzi, writing room and crèche. Despite herself, she falls instantly in love with him when he asks for her help with the project but she has already decided to offer herself as a surrogate for friends and is newly pregnant.


What is Mab’s goal?


Mab needs a worthwhile aim – she is feeling rootless and unsatisfied. She’s trying to make it as a writer and loves the idea of Leo’s ‘Chocolate Project’. She wants to do something useful with her life, hence the surrogacy.


What is the book’s title?


It’s called Sweet Proposal. It was originally The Chocolate Project, but Piatkus Entice wanted the title to fit in with their current list so it was changed before it was published as an ebook on August 1st 2013.


Thanks so much for tagging me, Kate – I’m now passing the baton to my fellow Romniacs Sue Fortin – find out about her main character here – www, – and also Laura James –     I’m looking forward to reading about their leading ladies (or men for that matter).


  1. Kate Blackadder

    Sweet Proposal is on my brand new Kindle, Celia; look forward to reading more about Mab.

    • Celia J Anderson

      Ooh, hope you like it! Thanks for tagging me on this, Kate. Are you at the party on Thursday?

  2. Laura E. James

    I loved Sweet Proposal, Celia, and I think we should make the café REAL. Thank you for tagging me. I shall be telling you all about my main character at the weekend 🙂 xx

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