Life’s a Bagatelle

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This is a game that belonged to my dad’s family – it’s getting a bit tatty now on account of being used by lots of grubby little hands (and grubby bigger ones too) but it’s much loved and treasured.  There’s skill involved, but sometimes the way the balls roll seems totally random. That’s my life at the moment.  So long as I don’t lose my marbles, all will be well …

  1. Terri Nixon

    Marbles will be lost, guaranteed, but they will be replaced by bigger, shinier, prettier ones! Skill will see to it that, in the meantime, the ones you have left will function perfectly well 😉


    • Celia J Anderson

      Aw, you always know how to put a smile on my face, Terri! :)u

  2. Rikke Digerud-Waring

    The randomness of where the marbles roll can be a parallel with how random happenings in your life just now will lead to things that make sense in the end.

    • Celia J Anderson

      That’s very wise, Rikke – hope it all pans out ok. How are you? x

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