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So many people have given Jane Lovering’s latest book excellent reviews already that it’s hard to know where to begin. For that reason, I’ll keep it brief and just tell you why I loved it:
• it’s funny and yet strangely dark and mysterious in places (I suspect that may reflect the author’s character…)
• a band of ill-assorted women are featured, but they all have a valid part to play,
• there are witches – sort of,
• the hero is so well described that I keep having dreams about random long-legged men in very faded jeans,
• there’s a dog that isn’t in the least cringe-makingly cute but is still rather loveable,
• a touch of bondage creeps in but 50 shades it ain’t,
• Holly and Nick remind me of the brother and sister in Love Actually, and that’s one of the bits that makes me cry, in a good way,
• the story features a splendidly atmospheric foresty wood-type place.

I could go on, but I think that’s enough for now. More reasons why this book ticks all the boxes will appear on the Romaniacs’ blog in the near future. Thanks for this one, Jane; I wish I’d written it.


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  1. Sue Fortin

    This sounds intriguing and quirky – thanks Celia, I will put it on my to be read pile.


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