Chocolate Giveaway!

Sweet ProposalSweet Proposal – giveaway day:
 Mab has an uncomfortable relationship with her image as today’s snippet shows. In this extract, she sets off into the world happier than usual with the way she looks but completely unaware that today is going to be the start of a whole new chapter of her life.
Ok – I don’t very often part with chocolate but here’s the deal. If you can find time to read this and tell me who Mab reminds you of, and why (it doesn’t have to be someone famous) then today’s chocolate stash shall be yours. The deadline is 6 o’clock tomorrow night…here goes…
Checking the clock, Mab pushed the bucket and mop into a corner. She’d tackle the rest later. Realising just in time that she was still in her pyjamas, she doubled back to her bedroom and scooped up a handful of discarded clothes from the floor. Now, underwear. Unmatched and a bit saggy, but nobody would see. And leggings? They’d be comfortable and wouldn’t remind her of the fact that her bottom was always trying to be a size fourteen rather than the twelve that her jeans wanted. She chose a sunflower-patterned pair and dragged them on, flinching as she caught sight of herself in the long mirror – the leggings and bra combo was never good. Quickly she added a long white linen shirt that dipped down at the back and disguised some of her more voluptuous bits, rolling the sleeves up slightly.
At least her wrists were thin. Bending over, Mab brushed her hair until it crackled, and then stood upright, shaking the masses of chestnut curls until they framed her face. Another mirror check – better. She slid her feet into black ballet pumps, spritzed perfume, put on long silver earrings and picked up her bag, slamming the door of the flat behind her.
The May sunshine was dazzling, and Mab dug around in her bag for a pair of huge sunglasses, feeling unusually glamorous as she looked sideways at her reflection in the pizza-shop window. If she pulled in her stomach, the overall effect wasn’t too bad: tall, but with a straight back – thanks to a nagging mother and early ballet lessons – and long hair looking wild but intentionally tousled rather than dragged through a hedge backwards. She checked out her back view, and remembered too late that she’d promised herself a trip to the swimming baths to begin her ‘Get Fit for Summer’ campaign. Oh well, there was always tomorrow.

  1. sarah morris

    Hee hee reading this piece it could almost be about me. I have the same struggle with my bottom and won’t even go there about matching underwear…lol . Missed the boat on getting fit for the summer now will soon be starting the winter campaign as Mab says there is always tomorrow x

    • Celia J Anderson

      Hahahaha – you would have been slipping on your tutu though! xxx

  2. Jill Jones

    I just had a vision of Edwina Curry, but not sure she would be cake and chocolate addict,

    • Celia J Anderson

      She must be addicted to something! John Major maybe? xx

  3. Cindy Bartolotta

    Guilty. I’ve reached the point in my life, that I dress okay, but know I won’t be on magazine covers. That little rip, tuck it in. Wrong color undies? Wear a darker top. As for procrastinating, tomorrow is another day.

    • Celia J Anderson

      Who needs magazine covers? I’m sure you look great, Cindy! Thanks for dropping in 🙂

  4. Celia J Anderson

    A bar of Galaxy for all of you for commenting! Jill and Cindy, where do I send it? Email Mrs M – you’ll have to wait till Wednesday! Thanks for popping in all of you!

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