Amazing Places

I recently got back from a  weekend in Somerset with lots of walking, a certain amount of cake and a gallon or two of wine. There was the  sea (or the Bristol Channel anyway), the Quantock hills, birdsong, sunshine and showers. We sat in the old tin box in the middle of a farm field and listened to Nora Jones (really must get round to getting another CD for variety) and I even did some writing. But one of the best bits was revisiting this tiny redundant church. Imagine being made redundant as a church. I wonder if they have to sign on? It was very pretty and peaceful even if it did keep muttering ‘Giz a job’ …


photo (5)

photo (3)


    • Celia J Anderson

      It’s gorgeous, Rikke – you can walk for miles and hardly see a soul up on those hills. There are wild ponies and sheep but not many people! xx

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