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With the exception of my family and friends, there is nothing I like more than curling up with a large cup of coffee and a good book. These days however, I’m more likely to be seen bent over a desk with a large coffee within grabbing distance, and a story manuscript of my own in progress in the notebook before me, than enjoying the labours of someone else.

It was my non-stop coffee drinking lifestyle that that influenced part of the plotline of my first ever contemporary romance novel- the title alone gives that away! Another Cup of Coffee.

Another Cup of CoffeeHere’s the blurb for you…

Thirteen years ago Amy Crane ran away from everyone and everything she knew, ending up in an unfamiliar city with no obvious past and no idea of her future. Now, though, that past has just arrived on her doorstep, in the shape of an old music cassette that Amy hasn’t seen since she was at university.

Digging out her long-neglected Walkman, Amy listens to the lyrics that soundtracked her student days. As long-buried memories are wrenched from the places in her mind where she’s kept them safely locked away for over a decade, Amy is suddenly tired of hiding.

It’s time to confront everything about her life. Time to find all the friends she left behind in England, when her heart got broken and the life she was building for herself was shattered. Time to make sense of all the feelings she’s been bottling up for all this time. And most of all, it’s time to discover why Jack has sent her tape back to her now, after all these years…

With her mantra, ‘New life, New job, New home’, playing on a continuous loop in her head, Amy gears herself up with yet another bucket-sized cup of coffee, as she goes forth to lay the ghost of first love to rest…

I have always found it a challenge to come up with good titles for my books. It is very difficult to come up with a short snappy sentence or phrase that both entices the reader to pick up the book, and also encapsulates the plot. Occasionally, I come up with a title first- think it sounds great, and so start a story based on that original thought, only to find my plot moves on so far that the original title is no longer suitable once I’ve written 80,000 words, and a new title needs to be found!

This was the case with Another Cup of Coffee. Originally it was entitled ‘Coffee Stops’- the affectionate name my Mum and I have always given our habit of having lots of coffee breaks in as many cafes as possible whenever we go anywhere. However, there is just too much else going on in my novel to have used that title. It was my wonderful editor Greg who suggested Another Cup of Coffee – and it was perfect!

Another Cup of Coffee is a well chosen title for two reasons. Firstly, like myself, the main characters find life best faced over a steaming cup of caffeine (especially Kit- an erotica writer, who can only write in cafe’s with coffee to hand- rather like a certain Kay Jaybee, who I know fairly well!!) Secondly, throughout the novel Jack, who has always been hopeless at expressing his feelings, uses song lyrics to help him get his point across- this is a habit picked up by his friends- until someone (I’m not ruining the novel by telling you who!!!) begins quoting ‘Another Cup of Coffee’ by Mike and the mechanics at Amy…with very good reason (and not just because she loves coffee…)

Here’s an extract to tempt you with…

‘New job. New home. New life.’ Amy recited her mantra firmly, and started tapping out a text before she could back out. As she did so, she told the phone, quite abruptly, that as the new home was sorted, and the new job was going to take eons to track down, she’d better make a start on the new life section of her ambitions. Amy knew she couldn’t do that until she’d laid a ghost to rest. That ghost’s name, of course, was Jack …

Hello Jack. It’s Amy. U ok?

Jack stared at the message, a combination of relief and horror creeping over him. He had to reply, but what should he say? Amy hadn’t said anything much. Testing the water he supposed. He fumbled over a selection of possible responses. Should he seem cool and off-hand, restrained and vague, or eager and keen? This whole meeting up thing seemed to have had a bigger build-up than the world cup, and he was no longer sure how he felt about it. He decided on a simple response.

All well with me. U?

Amy leapt off the sofa when the mobile beeped. She’d been expecting the sound, or at least hoping for it, but it still made her jump as it echoed around the quiet room. Her heart thumped louder in her chest as she read Jack’s reply. With hasty but clumsy fingers, Amy typed her reply.

Better than ever thanks. Want to meet?

Jack’s uncertainty vanished. He had to see her. The depth of his need surprised him; perhaps it’s because of how things stand with Kit, he thought. A moment’s doubt flitted through his mind – but Amy was “better than ever thanks”, which was a definite improvement on the “angry and out for revenge thanks,” that he’d been expecting. Of course, he pondered, she could be bluffing?

No. Not Amy. If she was angry, her text message would have revealed the fact. She couldn’t keep her emotions hidden, which was how he’d known that she loved him. She’d never had the confidence to say she did, but Jack had known. He sent his reply.

Shall we have a coffee stop then?

Amy fired one back almost immediately.

No. Can we walk while we talk? U a member of Kew Gardens?

Amy thought hard. Should I put a kiss at the end of the message? No. Better not. It’s too soon for that.

Jack swore as his predictive text went weird for a second, before shooting back.

I am. See u at main gate. Ten am tomorrow?

Amy’s hands shook as she responded. Should I add a kiss at the end? Oh, why not, what harm could it possibly do now?

Sure. Tomorrow then. x

Amy couldn’t sleep. Tomorrow seemed both aeons away and frighteningly close. She couldn’t decide if she was excited or terrified at the prospect of their scheduled walk.

Jack couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he was about to get himself into another mess…


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Many thanks Celia, for letting me pop by to share some of my new novel with you today.

Jenny xx


Jenny KaneBio-

Jenny Kane is the author of the contemporary romance Another Cup of Coffee (Accent Press, 2013). This is Jenny’s first novel, but more are in the pipeline…

Keep your eye on her blog at www.jennykane.co.uk

You can follow Jenny on –

Twitter @JennyKaneAuthor https://twitter.com/JennyKaneAuthor

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JennyKaneRomance?ref=hl

Jenny also writes as the erotica author Kay Jaybee.

As Kay she has written several novels, novella’s and short stories, including,  The Retreat, (Xcite 2013), The Voyeur, (Xcite 2012), Making Him Wait (Sweetmeats, 2012), The Perfect Submissive (Xcite, 2012), Digging Deep, A Sticky Situation (Xcite 2012), and The Collector (Austin & Macauley, 2012).

Details of all Kay’s work can be found at www.kayjaybee.me.uk  

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